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How to find a trustful Chinese vendor that supply Cheap Full Lace Wigs?

There are many people are seaching cheap lace wigs online stores everyday,but actually most of the stores you got from google are not selling cheap.There are a lot of American vendors,they imported the wigs from China and sell on their own online store again,they have to pay shipping fee and sales taxes etc,so when they start to resell again,the price becomes higher.

The best way to buy lace wigs online with affordable price is find a reliable Chinese vendor,which means you buy wigs directly from China.But its not that easy to find good and cheap price Chinese online stores.

There are too many scams on the interent,there are many sites look very nice and price is very cheap,can you trust those online stores?

That depends.

So How to order a wig from a Chinese vendor to get cheap and good lace wigs?

1.You need have an idea about the cost for a lace wig,the cost for a full lace wig indian remy hair is between $100-$300,so any price between this range is reasonable.If any site are selling 100% human hair lace wigs between $100,then its not 100% human hair wig.

2.You want to check the customers review of the website.

You will want to check if the online store has any reivews on the internet like you could check customers photos,reviews.If the site has no reviews or a lot of bad reviews,you'd better stay with them.

3.You want to know how they want to you to pay.

If they strongly ask you to pay by western union,you must be VERY careful,you might get scammed and never hear from them again.

4.You need to check if you get what you've ordered.

Many vendors supply cheaper price lace wigs,but some of them are making tricks on the wigs.Lets say if you order a 16inch and you got a 14inch,there are different ways of measure the wig length.

5.Customer service.

A good customer service means you could get quick and professional replies before and after you purchase your wig.And they will be serious when you file a question or complaint.So stay with those companies who treat you good before you buy but leave you alone after you get your wig.

Our online store started on 2008 and has been selling lace wigs more than 1000 pieces per month.We are trying to sell both GOOD and REASONABLE price lace wigs.