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Full Lace Wigs On Sale Human Hair Straight 20inch 4/27#


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Quick Overview

1.100% Indian Remy Hair
2.Silky Straight
3.Full Lace Wig
4.Tangle Free,No Shedding
5.Excellent Customer Service.Available 24h/7 Days




Hair Type: 100% Indian Remy Hair
Hair Texture: Straight
Length: 20 Inches
Color: 4/27#
Cap Style: Full Lace Wig With Stretch At Crown Cap 1#

Lace Color: Light Brown(Suitable for most skin tones)
Density: Medium (130%)
Baby Hair: Yes
Bleach Knots: Yes

Wig Cap Size: (If you are slightly under or at any of these measurements-the wig should fit your head size)

All our wigs and hairpieces are meticulously hand-tied on the appropriate cap for the unit.

Store your wig on a stand when you are not wearing it or for longer periods of time.

Our lace is delicate and completely undetectable so it requires gentle handling. However, with proper hair and maintenance the unit should last 12 – 18 months.

Our hair is chosen for exceptional quality. Healthy hair does not require an excessive use of products. Gently shampoo and condition your unit as needed, air dry, then style. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to prevent product build-up and keep your unit looking soft and shiny!

We ship via UPS,DHL or Fedex 48 hours after payment is received. Arrival is between 2-3 business days to US,3-5 business days to England and other countries.

Returns of unworn and unaltered units are accepted within 1 week of delivery.
We stand behind our products and we are committed to your satisfaction.

Please choose your size
Size Chart

Before purchasing custom full lace wig, you should measure your head to ensure a good fit. Follow the template below when taking your measurements for custom wigs.

Measurement Steps 1-6

1. The Circumference of the Head: Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hair line around the head and nape of the neck. (Average measurement is 22.5" inches).
2.From Forehead to Nape of Neck: Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck. (Average measurement is 14.5 inches).

3.Ear to Ear across Front Hairline: At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hair line along forehead to same point in front of other ear. (Average measurement is 11.5 inches).

4.From Ear to Ear over the Top of Head: Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear. (Average measurement is 13 inches ).

5.Temple to Temple:From temple to temple across the back of head. (Average measurement is 15 inches).

6.Nape of Neck: Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck. (Average measurement is 5 inches).

How To Measure






















This is our Small Cap Measurements:

This is our Medium Cap measurements:

This is our Large Cap measurements:


  • Hair Color Chart 1# Hair Color Chart 2# Hair Color Chart 3# Hair Color Chart 4# Hair Color Chart 5#


full lace wig ups

Stock Wigs Deliver Time: 2 business days to USA,Japan,3 days to Europe.4-7 days to other places Custom made wigs orders:normal orders,production time is around 20 you could get your wig around 22 days after you made the payment.but if you choose 10 days rush or 14 days rush,so you could get your wig within 12 days or 16 days

Shipping fee:

1-2 wigs: 32USD

3-4 wigs: 42USD

5-6 wigs: 50USD

7-8 wigs: 60USD

Payment(paypal,western union,moneybookers)

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Western Union Or Moneygarm:

full lace wig western union

Go to the closest Western Union/moneygram  location and make your payment. Email or call us with your payment confirmation number. Your order will be processed as soon as your payment has been depositedHere is our Western Union or money gram information:(PlEASE MAKE SURE THE RECEIVER'S NAME AND YOUR NAME IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS  THE BILL ON THE WESTERN UNION AND MONEY GRAM, OR WE CANNOT PICK UP THE MONEY.)

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Zip Code:26000

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MTCN:money transfer ctrl number-very important

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Customer Reviews

incredible! Review by Lisa Dunn
Wig Quality
Delivery Time
I recently ordered this unit, this was one of my very first full lace units ever and I was very pleased, the product shipped in no time at all and the model was wonderful the hair feels incredible.Thanks so much! (Posted on 11/14/11)

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Delivery Time
Wig Quality

1.Which is better, Swiss lace wigs or French lace wigs? 

It really is a matter of preference. Yes. we recommend the Swiss lace for you. Swiss lace is very fine and delicate and undetectable while the French lace is also fine but detectable. This Swiss lace gives the wigs and hairline more natural looks and make the hairline nearly invisible. The individual pieces of purest human Hair are then hand-tied into the invisible lace. Then each hair is double knotted and bleached (optional) to give a more natural appearance at the root of the hair. This also creates a flawless, invisible and undetectable hair-line.

2.Which kind of knot is best for my wigs? 

We recommend double knots. This way it more durable. we also make single kont in the front part, for this way,it looks more invisible and the hair line more natural..

3.Can the wigs hair be parted anywhere? 

Only full lace wigs are Freestyle and can be parted anywhere. That means that you can part it anywhere you want. .

4.Can I wear the hair in high ponytails and up hair styles?

Only the full lace wigs allows you to wear ponytails and up hair styles. Lace Front wigs can not.

5.Can I straighten and curl my lace wigs hair? 

Yes. Remy hair can be styled just like your hair. You can perm it, set it, blow dry it, hot curl it, etc. Yes, it is purest Indian Remy Hair and will style like your own natural hair.And pleases notice that when you perm or curl it please go to professional salons.

6.What’s the difference between Indian Remy and Chinese Remy?

Indian Remy hair is the most versatile hair. It can easily be curled, waved or styled and is less course than Chinese Remy hair. Most of our customers prefer Indian Remy Hair. You should only choose Chinese Remy hair if you want a VERY straight wig, that is naturally shiny. Chinese Remy hair is thick and stronger. Also if you want to dye the color yourself you may order Chinese virgin hair. Because for the Indian Remy hair you can only dye it form light color to darker color, you can do the dye the darker color to light color..

7. When can my order been shipped? 

Generally the wig will reach you in about 3-5 business days if it's in stock.
If you want to order our stock wigs we can ship it immediately. 
For the common custom orders. Can be ship in 25days -28 days.
For the rush orders can be ship in 14days-15 days.

8. What’s the difference between lace front wigs and full lace wigs? 

A lace front wigs does not have lace around the back, and therefore can't be worn in a high ponytail with the back showing. While the full lace wig is lace all around, and can be worn up in a high ponytail. Both wigs can be parted anywhere and both offer a natural look!

9. I am African American and need hair that is more realistic looking and natural. Can I purchase from you? 

Yes, the natural look for African American hair is called Yaki hair which resembles hair that has been premed.

10.What is Remy hair? 

Remy hair is a superior human hair grade that is collected from a hair donor. The cuticle layer of the hair remains in tack, therefore the hair is silky soft with a subtle wave pattern. The hair is then hand-tied to a wig in the same direction as it is on a human head. The look of the wig is very natural, easy to manage and does not tangle!

11.How often should I wash my wig? 

It's various for different people depending on various factors, like wearing frequency, hair spray, smoke, climate, care treatment, etc. Generally you can wash it every 10-12 wearings or every 4-6 weeks.

12.How long can I expect the wig to last? 

Generally, the wigs can stand well for 1-2 years. And It can last longer if your take good care of it.

13.How often should I wash my wigs? 

We recommend that you washing the wig every fourth day it is worn. So, if you wear your wig every day, you should wash it about twice a week.

14.How should I store my wig when I am not wearing it? 

The best way to store wigs is to place the wig on a Styrofoam head with a hair net over it so that the style of the wig can be preserved. Wigs can also be kept in a hair net and in a plastic bag (which usually comes with the wig) when it isn’t being worn.

15.What should I use to comb or brush my wig?

This depends on the length and style of the wig you have. It also depends on whether your wig is made from human hair or synthetic hair. We have several articles on wig care in our infocenter.

Why Choose Lace Front Wigs?
Lace front wigs represent the latest technology for non-surgical hair replacement in the world today. A lace front wig when designed and constructed properly will be the closest thing to your own real hair, or can replace the hair you never had. It is the most natural, most beautiful, hair replacement system imaginable today. It is made out of real human hair and hand tied into a very sheer lace base one single hair at a time. It should look so natural that it can be virtually undetectable to anyone, even at a distance of only a few inches away. You can wear it for weeks at a time without removing it. You can comb your hair straight back, part it in the middle or even go swimming with it. There are no limitations to your look or lifestyle. You can shower, sleep, perm, wash or do anything you would normally do. You can finally have the hair you always dreamed about!

What Is a Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig?
The term "lace front wig" and "full lace wig" are virtually the same; A lace front wig, or other known as a full lace wig has a very natural front hair line and is constructed with fine lace in the front and a variety of materials in the back of the head. A full lace system is the ultimate system since it will look natural from every angle regardless of how the hair is brushed or styled. The object of a lace front wig or a full lace wig is to look beautiful and natural! You do not want anyone to ever think you are wearing a wig. A full lace system is usually preferred and is the ultimate in style, design, beauty and naturalness.

Do you carry any In Stock Lace Front Wigs or Full Lace Wigs for Sale? 
All available in stock lace front wigs or full lace wigs for sale available for immediate shipment are featured within our Stock Lace Front Wigs page. Here you can find all available in stock units that we currently have available for immediate shipping. 
If you would like to request that we contact you when a sold out stock become available - simply send us e-mail with your name, style # of unit sold out, and we will contact you when it becomes available.

What is Remy Indian hair?
Remy hair, also called virgin, cuticle or cut hair; is the highest quality human hair you can find on the market. WE ONLY MANUFACTURE OUR LACE WIGS WITH THE BEST REMY HAIR AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET. The hair is in the most natural state, free from chemical processing of any kind. Remy hair is special because each bundle comes directly from a single donors head. This allows each bundle to keep the consistency of texture, color, and length. It is then cleaned and sorted to be packaged. The cuticles of the hair are all intact and facing in the same direction. This eliminates the worrisome pain of tangles and matting. This is what makes Remy hair a step above the rest!

Can you Duplicate a Celebrity Picture or Photo of me?
We can duplicate any picture that you send to us! - You can do this by simply placing a custom lace front wig order and within the "order form" there is a option where you will be able to insert your own picture! You can specify weather you want the similar color of the photo, similar texture, or even style!

Can I style this hair with curling irons, roller sets, beauty products etc?
Remy hair can be dyed, permed, styled, set and blown dry to suit the individual. It is the softest and most natural hair available to buy. It looks and feels like actual hair, because it is! This hair is not something you see in at the beauty supply store because of the price. Because of its quality, most people pay around $900 - $3500 and up for these same wigs .

Will the hair on my lace wig curl up when wet?
Yes! This hair is 100% human hair and reacts to styling with natural water just like your own natural hair. The remy hair straight/curly/wavy textures curl up when wet, but they can easily be flat ironed for a straight look.

What Lace Cap Choice Is Best For Me - French Lace or Swiss Lace?
There are many types of lace that can be used for the base, we prefer the French lace. French lace is more durable than Swiss lace and it is the best choice for new lace wig wearers. The french lace tends to last longer and is virtually tear resistant during the application process when using tougher glues and bonds. The French Lace is thin, delicate and natural looking.
The Swiss Lace is more undetectable but the main concern is that the lace breaks down faster and can rip much easier; if the lace rips this will make your lace wig system unusable. Again! - The Swiss lace is the most undetectable of the laces, but the most fragile. The swiss lace cap choice is best for experienced lace wig users.
Overall , both french and swiss lace look extremely natural and as the lace seems to disappear into your scalp when applied with our special surgical bonds and lace tape. Your unit will come with extra lace extending from the hairline, which you will trim off to custom fit your hairline and then bond with your choice of adhesive.

How Long will My Wig Last?
A lace wig unit can last for many months or even years depending on your usage and upkeep. The types of glues that are used during the application method also applies to the life span of your unit. For example, the lace wig can be compared to the tires on car; of course the more you drive your car, the more worn down the tires become and the need for replacement tires becomes greater. The idea remains that if you plan to wear your wig more often, the natural need for a new unit will become greater as the hair naturally degrades due to extended periods of use.

Can I wear this wig even if I have my own hair?
Yes. You will have to make your own hair as flat as possible, by wrapping or braiding it. Then apply a flesh toned stocking cap over your natural hair to simulate your scalp color. What If I have Experienced severe hair loss due to an illness or chemical damage? Is this type of wig right for me?
Absolutely! I highly recommend this system for anyone with any kind of hair loss or undergoing Chemotherapy. If you suffer from a medical condition where you have experienced sever hair loss, it's recommended to proceed with full french or full swiss lace. This will ensure the most comfortable "perfect" fit.

Can I swim or go to the gym and sweat with this wig on?
Yes. You can do your usual activities with this wig on daily. Only avoid swimming or sweating for 24 hours after applying adhesives and tapes. If you use the Safe Grip Copolymer bond, you only have to wait until it is dry. Other than that, no one will ever know the hair is not growing from your own scalp! Also make sure you use a waterproof adhesive. Not all adhesives and glues are waterproof. The combination of the Scalp Protector and Safe Grip Copolymer bond will ensure the strongest and best water resistant application available.

What are some recommended Lace Wig Adhesives?
There are three main ways to attach the lace wig system. That is by special glues, tape, or a combination of the two methods.

Using Beginner Glues
The Mity Tite is a medical grade acrylic glue that can be used for an application duration of 1-10 days. The application duration depends mainly on how much glue is applied and if the combination of lace tape is involved. The Mity Tite is the most popular glue that is used by beginners during the application process.

Using Expert Glues
The Safe Grip is a copolymer medical adhesive and is the latest development in applying lace to the scalp. This glue can provide an application duration of 1-6 weeks. The Safe Grip adhesive does not break down by your body oils, sweat, or perspiration. It is very flexible and dries completely transparent, making sure that no one sees the bond or the lace on your scalp. The Safe Grip is the most popular used by experienced users.

Using Tape Adhesives
The type of Lace Wig Tape used for wig application is a special, clear, two-sided lace tape adhesive. The lace tape comes available in a pack of 30 pieces and is applied directly on your scalp or wig cap by simply attaching the lace onto the tape. The double sided tape is clear and holds the lace very well. The duration of lace tape is can last 1-3 days. Please note: To ensure the best hold possible for your lace wig system; You may use the tape with and beginner glue or expert glue. Although the combination of Mity Tite and Tape is most preferred by new lace wig users.