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  • How To Maintain Your Human Hair Lace Wigs?

    So to know how to maintain your human hair lace wig is very important,if you maintain them properly,you could wear them in a very long time.

    So to start of the process and any sort of styling, I always say please make sure you've brushed your hair. If your hair comes into contact with products or if your hair comes into contact with water its only going to tangle or knot even worse if you've already got that in your hair so brush it out thoroughly. To brush my hair I always use a big brush  and always start from the tips and work through to the roots.

    How To Maintain Your Human Hair Lace Wigs

    Then you move on to the shampoo and the conditioning so today I actually used the Dove pure care dry oil series, I used both the shampoo and the conditioner. To start off with shampooing, I apply the product to wet hair and I lather it towards the roots and then I work it through the rest of the hair make sure I create a nice lather.

    When you're rinsing hair try and do it as thoroughly as possible and if u need to check just make sure that the water runs clear.

    Then I move onto conditioning the hair, so this product tends to be a little thicker than shampoo I just apply it from my hands,work that through the hair as well. If you're uncomfortable using your hands, you can actually work the product with a comb.And then again please make sure you rinse out the product thoroughly. So this process I probably follow every 8 days.

    I tend to style my hair quite a bit, I tend to use a lot of product so its an absolute must for me for my hair to not to be weighed down, to not look greasy so I wash it about once a week. If you have hair maybe that requires a little bit more T.L.C and you haven't paid much attention to it, its a little bit dull, its a little bit dry, what you can use instead of the conditioner is the butter treatment mask from the Dove range as well.

    So when you put it on your hair extensions, remember you switch it up, you switch out the other conditioner and use this instead and create a nice lather with it. So what I actually love about these products is that I saw that work through the hair quite quickly and even when I was washing out the product, starting to blow dry, the hair didn't feel weighed down and it wasn't greasy either which is great. Product that nourishes but also releases any excess is perfect.

    Then I move on to blow drying my hair. So I like to air dry actually let the hair sit for about 2 to 3 hours while I carry on with the rest of my day, I then wait till its about 95% dry. And then I spray it with the heat defence spray. Today I used the heat defence spray.I used the Tresseme heat defence styling spray, that's what it looks like. And this step you can't skip, I really really recommend it, because some of our styling stools can go to temperatures of about 260 degrees, 280, 300 and that is really a lot of heat.

    So you don't want to create heat damage while you're blow drying your hair please please please do this step.

    Then I move on to the actual blow drying of the hair.I like to use the smaller one towards the roots of my hair and along the hair line. I just find that it gets closer to the roots a lot better and it makes it a lot finer and then for the rest of the hair I use the bigger brush. So the bigger the brush, the faster you'll be able to blow dry your hair, the smaller the brush, it will take you a little bit longer just because of the amount of hair it can take on.

    What I always like to finish off this type of look and maintenance is use an oil and today I used the Dove pure care dry oil. So I always use about pea sized amount, rub it on from the tips, I use it to tame fly aways by my roots and then I brush it in the hair just to work that product through. And those are simple steps I follow roughly every single week.

  • 5 Tips to Care for Wavy &Curly Hair


    Curly hair is naturally drier than other hair textures, so it requires extra moisture. We recommend using a moisturizing or hydrating conditioner after shampooing. And for even more moisture, you can treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks. Some good products to care wavy/curly weaves: Keratin, Aragon, Moroccan, Olive.Check this video from Chrissy Bales about how to wash and condition your wig.

    2. Lessen Heat Tools:

    Heat will frizz and dry out curly hair. So, it’s best to avoid heat styling as much as possible. Instead, while the hair is still wet, gently scrunch up the curls from the bottom with your hand, and lay it on a dry towel to air dry completely.

    3. Finger Comb Only:

    Avoid brushing or combing your curly/wavy hair when it’s dry. Brushing or combing while the hair is dry may cause hair to be bushy, hair breakage, and tug on knots/tangles. Before washing is the only time you should brush the hair. Gently detangle before washing using a soft paddle brush or wide tooth comb on your hair.

    5 Tips to Care for Wavy &Curly Hair

    4. Avoid Heavy Styling Products:

    Products like oil, gel and mousse will weigh down a curly/wavy hair, and cause tangling and matting issues!

    5. Use Natural Oil/Leave in Conditioner:

    Natural oil or a leave in condition will help de-frizz and tame your hair. But be sure to only use a very small amount of oil (about a dime size) or a few pumps of leave in conditioner mixed with water in an 6 oz spray bottle because too much will weigh the hair down!

    Check out more care videos from youtube:

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